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The demand for the Canton Newcomers & Neighbors Club is more important than ever as Canton, Michigan, continues to be one of the top hottest-selling residential markets in Michigan. The 36-square-mile area that defines Canton geographically is home to over 95,000 people who represent one of the most culturally diverse areas in Michigan. Our diversity is our strength as women from all over the world choose to make Canton their home!

We understand that living in the growing community of the Canton area can be both exciting and challenging for women. Whether you have lived in the area for years or are a new renter, homeowner or expatriate on temporary work assignment here, the Canton Newcomers & Neighbors is a warm and welcoming place that will help you feel like the Canton community is your home.

You don’t have to be new to Canton or live in Canton to enjoy membership in the club. We embrace all women regardless of when they moved to the Canton area including all women who live in any of the surrounding neighborhood cities and townships! Check out the events and newsletter sections.

The April and May 2023 newsletter is now available for reading or download here.




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